Department of Correctional Services, KwaZulu-Natal Regional Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Mnikelo Nxele had an interactive session with Kokstad Management Area officials at Kokstad town Hall.

It was an operational visit whereby amongst other issues he was motivating and thanked officials for the way they are executing their job. He made mention that for 02 decades Kokstad Management Area has never encountered erroneous release of offenders “escape”.

He also introduced the newly appointed Head of Correctional Centres Dion Brian Daniels for Ebongweni Closed Maximum and Andile “Mbax” Lugongolo as the Head of Kokstad Medium Correctional Centre. He also introduced Deputy Regional Commissioner for KwaZulu-Natal Jabulisile Chonco.

Ebongweni C-Max has a special place in me heart in a way I made a vow that the day it experience escape it will be day I will resign in this department. Daniels you have distinguished yourself with highly decorated service of more than 40 years please lead these officials with respect where it has to be enforced please do so. Strive to the occassion make your contribution. To you Lugongolo you are the son of the soil, I have seen you climb the corporate ladder I implore you to work together with your officials, do your work diligently I don’t see Kokstad loosing the dignity that is popular for during your tenure. – said Nxele.

Nxele also motivated officials of this department to carry themselves highly as before were highly respected members of community.

You will never see us drunk in uniform, we were famous for owning beautiful homes. Please don’t back down as cheaplines, treat yourselves highly, concluded Nxele.

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