"Forgiveness is a Process, Not a Day's Event" - Mbuyiswa Mbobo

“Forgiveness is a process, not a day’s event. It will take us time to forget and forgive, but we will learn to forget as a family and the community,” said Mbuyiswa Mbobo during the Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) at St Hilda’s Anglican Church in Semonkong village, Mount Fletcher.

The VOD brought together the offender, Bulelani Mavovana Sebenya, and the family and community of the deceased, Sis Noluthando. Sebenya took responsibility for his actions, narrating the events leading up to the brutal killing. He expressed remorse and asked for forgiveness, acknowledging the pain he caused.

Chief Lebenya of Semonkong commended the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) for providing a platform for the community to confront the offender and seek closure. He emphasized the importance of refraining from provoking parolees and probationers, hoping that Sebenya would engage in crime awareness campaigns to make amends.

Acting Commissioner Siphokazi Mazwi explained that VOD aims to promote dialogue between offenders and victims, ironing out misunderstandings and assisting all affected parties in finding closure. She clarified that VOD does not influence an offender’s sentence reduction but rather fosters healing and understanding.

The VOD marks a significant step towards healing and forgiveness for the Semonkong community, demonstrating the power of restorative justice in promoting closure and rehabilitation.

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