TymeBank Launches Depositor Insurance Fund to Protect Customers' Savings
In a move to prioritize customers’ financial security, TymeBank has partnered with the Corporation for Deposit Insurance (CODI) to introduce the Depositor Insurance Fund (DIF). This groundbreaking initiative ensures that customers’ deposits are safeguarded in the unlikely event of bank insolvency.
South Africa’s Deposit Insurance Scheme Now Operational.
As of April 1st, 2024, South Africa’s Deposit Insurance Scheme is fully operational, providing a safety net for depositors. This milestone marks a significant step towards maintaining financial stability and protecting depositors’ funds.
Up to R100,000 Protection
With the DIF in place, TymeBank customers can rest assured that their deposits are shielded with up to R100,000 of protection in the rare event of bank insolvency. This reinforces TymeBank’s commitment to customers’ peace of mind and financial stability.
TymeBank’s Commitment to Financial Security
“Our priority is your financial security,” said a TymeBank spokesperson. “We are dedicated to providing a secure banking experience, and this initiative reinforces our promise to safeguard our customers’ hard-earned money.”
With the Depositor Insurance Fund, TymeBank customers can have confidence in the safety of their funds, and the bank’s commitment to their financial well-being.

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