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Genertal Mkhwanazi . 📷 X, formerly Twitter

General Mkhwanazi is currently trending on Twitter, with widespread praise for his efforts in combating crime in the region. The latest incident has only bolstered his reputation, as KwaZulu-Natal police successfully thwarted a Cash-In-Transit (CIT) heist in Phoenix.

In a dramatic confrontation, at least two CIT suspects were shot dead by police. The joint operation involved members of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) provincial tracking team, the anti-gang unit, the Pietermaritzburg K9 unit, and Magma Security and Investigations. According to reports, the officers came under heavy fire while pursuing the suspects.

Initial information indicates that other suspects have sustained injuries, and a manhunt is underway for those who may have escaped. Authorities have recovered rifles, ammunition, and a substantial amount of money from the scene

The public has been quick to commend General Mkhwanazi and the involved units for their swift and decisive action. Updates will be provided as the operation progresses and more details become available.

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