Today, on the 18th of April 2024, Premier Mabuyane and Education MEC Fundile Gade will be presiding over the official handover of the newly constructed Tyali Senior Secondary School in Centane. This event marks a significant leap forward in education development, showcasing a commitment to providing state-of-the-art amenities for learners in the KwamaXhama Location of Feni Administrative Area, Kentane.

FUN FACT: Centane, or alternatively anglicised Kentane or Kentani because Europeans often cannot easily pronounce the Xhosa click ‘C’; is a settlement in Amathole District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is situated at approximately 31 kilometres (19 mi) from Butterworth.

Tyali Senior Secondary School stands as a beacon of educational excellence, founded on principles of discipline, striving for excellence, and holistic child development. Nestled in the heart of the community, at 4980, the school has a profound mission to offer free education that equips learners to navigate the ever-evolving career landscape. The institution aims to nurture learners not only academically but also physically, emotionally, and socially, leaving no one behind in the journey towards success.

Guided by a set of principles, the school endeavors to fortify educators with skills relevant to the modern world, maintain a positive teaching environment, and stay abreast of curriculum developments. Individual needs of all stakeholders are respected, and parental involvement is leveraged to enhance educational outcomes. Financial support is maximized to meet educational needs, ensuring that learners receive the best resources available.

Rooted in history, Tyali Senior Secondary School’s humble beginnings trace back to 1982 when lessons were conducted in local clinics and community households. Over the years, the school has evolved, expanding its offerings from Standard 8 to 12, with a current enrollment of 734 learners. Notably, the curriculum has progressed to include vital subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Accounting, and many others, empowering learners to make informed career choices.

Despite its achievements, Tyali Senior Secondary School faces challenges, including staff shortages in critical roles such as office clerks, groundskeepers, and security officers. However, these obstacles have not dampened the spirit of the institution, as evidenced by its accolades in debate competitions and the recognition of Ms. Qegu in the Provincial National Teacher Awards of 2023.

Furthermore, partnerships like the one forged with Ronderbosch High School in 2019 have provided invaluable support, enabling initiatives such as tuition assistance for learners.

As Tyali Senior Secondary School enters a new chapter with its modern infrastructure, it reaffirms its commitment to academic excellence, community engagement, and holistic learner development. Today’s inauguration signifies not only the opening of a building but also the dawn of endless possibilities for the future generation of leaders and scholars.

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