Police Make Arrests In Ngqeleni Clinic Guard Murder

Police in Ngqeleni have arrested four suspects believed to be involved in the robbery and the subsequent murder of a security guard at the Maqanyeni Clinic two weeks ago.

The suspects, who are yet to appear in court were nabbed in separate days this week following a tip off and were found in possession of illegal firearms, which police believe were used in the shooting.

One of the suspects allegedly confessed to the police to being behind the trigger that killed Dakhile Ngobe (42), and later tipped the cops to the whereabouts of his accomplices, who were found with illegal firearms and computers and cell-phones, including one belonging to Ngobe.

But OR Tambo District police spokesperson Captain Welile Matyholo said the suspects have for now only been charged with possession of illegal firearms, ammunition and stolen property, and no murder charge has yet to be added.

“We need to first send the guns for ballistic tests to determine if they are indeed linked to the incident, that’s how the law operates. For now, they have just been charged for only these crimes, then a further charge of murder will be added if the test results link them to the shooting . A confession at this stage is not enough until it’s been said and signed off in front of a judge,” said Matyholo.

The four gun-wielding suspects allegedly ambushed Dakhile and a female guard, both contracted to Tyeks Security Services, and demanded keys to the main office. They reportedly cuffed Dakhile with a cable tie and ordered him to lie flat on his stomach before forcing the female guard to lead them to the main building, where they allegedly stole six computers and a printer.

It is alleged that while the three were still packing the items in black plastic bags, the helpless Dakhile got shot, allegedly after identifying the suspect whose balaclava had fallen off.

Tyeks Security Services spokesman Siya Ngcangisa said the company’s tactical response unit worked tirelessly in assisting the police make a thorough break-through.

“Within the perimeters of the law, our officers did their best to help where they could, in terms of keeping their ears pealed and doing their own search, in conjunction with the police. We welcome the arrests, and we commend the competence of the South African Police Service in this regard,” said Ngcangisa.

He said even though the police are still awaiting the ballistic test results, they were positive that it was only a matter of time before Mr Dakhile’s family finds some closure.

“He was a dedicated security officer who really took pride in his work, and everybody he’s worked with, and the staff at the clinic all have great things to say about him”.

Dakhile was buried in his home village of Kwa Mncane in Ngqeleni last weekend.

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