Nozibele Solutions Hosts 2nd annual entrepreneurs end year luncheon

In a celebration of entrepreneurship and community collaboration, the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs End Year Luncheon, hosted by Nozibele Solutions, brought together Home-grown and family-oriented businesses for a day of networking, empowerment, and knowledge sharing.

The luncheon, held at Spuds Pub and Grill in Port Edward, was a showcase of the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in the region. NTG Solutions, a Proudly South African and 100% black-owned geospatial solutions consultancy, proudly sponsored the event. Their commitment to sustainable development in Africa through cutting-edge technology and superior knowledge aligns with the overarching goals of the Entrepreneurs Luncheon.

“We at NTG Solutions aim to make our country proud by helping Africa develop sustainably through world-class geospatial solutions. Our goal is to assist African entities in better understanding the people and spaces they operate in, improving their businesses, and enhancing service delivery,” stated a representative from NTG Solutions.

The luncheon featured insightful speakers, including PoshyA Printing and Branding’s, Nozie Sogoni and a captivating speech by Quan Dambuza the publishing editor of the award-winning community newspaper Pondoland Times. The event also acknowledged the remarkable efforts of Sihle Gebe and the organizing team, who were praised by attendees for their excellence.

Spuds Pub and Grill, the venue for the occasion, received positive reviews for its gorgeous decor and delectable food. Attendee Siphokazi Nongojela expressed gratitude for the memorable moments, citing a particularly great performance by Snerah Mbidana.

The Entrepreneurs Luncheon is a Nozibele Solutions initiative aimed at providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to host their end-of-year functions. Beyond celebration, the event seeks to foster connections among like-minded individuals, promoting networking, economic transformation, and empowerment through knowledge sharing.

A special thank you was extended to NTG Solutions for their sponsorship, acknowledging their support in making the 2nd Annual Entrepreneurs End Year Luncheon a resounding success. As the event continues to grow, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared goals within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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