Reports suggest that at least five suspects were nabbed by police following a taxi strike that brought Mthatha to it knees after the closure of N2 and R61 last Monday.

According to the police, shots go exchanged between civilians and public order police where two civilians acquired injuries and three more got arrested. At the scene, two firearms were confiscated and a case of attempted murder was opened at the local police station. Provincial Commissioner Lt. Gen. Nomthethelili Mene warned those who perpetuate violence via social media and said that such actions are irresponsible and illegal, furthermore she said that they are going to take strict actions against anyone found in such a situation to undermine public safety and the integrity of the election process.

Earlier on, the O.R. Tambo District municipality Mesuli Ngqondwana had urged the community to a calm and safe town during the disturbances around the district, this came after according to a statement issued by the Municipality, some minibus taxis were seen blocking the road in respective areas.

“Authorities are doing their best to facilitate a discussion aimed at resolving the matter without further harm to property and people,” said Ngqondwana. He also pleaded with the residents to remain alert at all times during this period against any potential threats to their safety.

Minister of Police, Bheki Cele called on law enforcement agencies to be tough. He said this during a community meeting at Bizana Eastern Cape during his address of the Mthatha unrest.

“Negotiate out of the roads and without guns, when you force civilians on a standstill then the state has to use force to fix the situation,” said Cele.

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