From left to right: kamohelo Tsese, Lwazi Tshaka, Dintle Tsese and Lungile Nkombelo ,auditionees from Matatiele for TruFm 2024 talent search.

In a bid to make their hometown proud, six talented individuals from Matatiele are vying for top honors in the TruFM Talent Search 2024. With aspirations to represent their community on a national stage, these hopefuls have made it to the top 10 and are now calling for support from their fellow residents.

Among the contenders are Lwazi Tshaka, Lubanzi Mbobo, Kamohelo Tsese, Lungile Nkombelo, Vuyisa Kolase, and Dintle Tsese, each competing in various categories including DJing, presenting, sport personality, and radio personality.

Expressing their excitement and determination, Vuyisa Talisa Kulase, one of the auditionees, took to social media to convey their aspirations. “This could be a dream come true for us,” Kulase remarked, emphasizing their desire to elevate the name of Matatiele on a national platform.

To support these aspiring talents, individuals can cast their votes via SMS. Lwazi Tshaka, competing in the DJ category, can be voted for by sending DJ4 Ku to 39721. Lubanzi Mbobo, aiming for the presenter position, can garner support through SMSing RADIO3 to the same number. Kamohelo Tsese, a fellow DJ hopeful, is reachable by sending DJ3 to 39721.

For those backing Lungile Nkombelo in the sport personality category, SMSing Sport4 to 39721 is the way to show support. Vuyisa Kolase, also contending in the sport personality category, can be voted for by texting Sport5 to the provided number. Lastly, Dintle Tsese, aspiring for a radio personality position, can receive votes through SMSing Radio4 to 39721.

With the competition heating up, the Matatiele community stands poised to rally behind their representatives, eager to see their talents shine and their hometown pride soar to new heights.

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