Desperate Single Mother Pleads for Help After House Fire

Andiswa Manyala, a 29-year-old mother of two from Bizana, is seeking assistance after her house caught fire, leaving her and her children without a place to stay.

Manyala, who lives in Ward 12, had previously reached out to her councilor for help with housing, and was promised a subsidy to repair her grandmother’s house, which she had hoped to use as a safe haven for her children.

However, before the repairs could be made, Manyala was forced to leave the house temporarily and, devastatingly, it was destroyed in a fire just a week later.

Desperate Single Mother Pleads for Help After House Fire

With no belongings, no income, and two young children to care for, Manyala is desperate for help. Her children, aged 13 and 2, are currently without a home or basic necessities.

Manyala has allegedly tried to contact her councilor for assistance, but her calls have gone unanswered. She is now reaching out to the public for support, hoping to find a safe and secure place to live with her children.

Anyone able to offer help or assistance can contact Andiswa Manyala directly on 083 237 9151 or via email at

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