Tavern owner among four nabbed for double murder in Bityi

In a concerted effort to tackle crime and ensure public safety, various operations conducted by police in KwaZulu-Natal during the month of January 2024 have achieved noteworthy success. Among the accomplishments were the apprehension of 10,070 suspects for various categories of crime and the recovery of 258 firearms, including 24 rifles. Additionally, law enforcement seized 2,796 rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

The intensified search for wanted suspects, particularly those involved in serious and violent crimes such as murder, yielded significant results. A total of 190 suspects were arrested in connection with murder cases, while an additional 232 individuals were nabbed for their involvement in attempted murder cases. Furthermore, 192 people were apprehended for cases of rape, and 210 suspects were locked up for crimes including house robbery, business robbery, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and carjacking.

Cases of assault remained a concern, prompting authorities to take decisive action. A total of 1,528 suspects were arrested for assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, while 598 individuals were detained for common assault.

Prioritizing the protection of women and children, law enforcement authorities arrested 190 individuals for violating Protection Orders. In efforts to combat drug-related crimes, 1,591 suspects were apprehended, with an additional 321 people arrested for driving under the influence of liquor. Moreover, 574 individuals faced arrest for illegal dealings in liquor.

In addressing livestock-related crimes, police successfully recovered 70 cattle, 31 goats, and 66 sheep.

Provincial and targeted operations persist as law enforcement agencies continue to combat criminal activities and uphold the rule of law. Authorities urge community members to remain vigilant and report any criminal activities or lawlessness. The collaborative efforts between law enforcement and the community play a vital role in isolating criminals and fostering safe and secure communities.

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