eNCA Debunks Rumors of JJ Tabane Interview with Ex-President Zuma

Johannesburg, South Africa – eNCA has issued a statement clarifying that rumors circulating on social media about an interview between JJ Tabane and former President Jacob Zuma are untrue. The interview will not be broadcast tonight, as it is too close to the elections. eNCA has cancelled all current affairs programs, including Power to Truth, for this week to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations prohibiting the broadcast of political interviews less than 48 hours before an election.

eNCA emphasized that it cannot advance the interests of one political party over another. If the interview were to be broadcast, all other political parties would require equivalent airtime, which is impossible at this stage. eNCA reaffirmed its commitment to neutrality, stating that it favors no political party over another. The decision not to broadcast the interview has nothing to do with the involvement of former President Zuma and his MK party. No interviews with anyone representing a political party will be broadcast until after the election.

eNCA encourages the public to verify information through official channels to avoid spreading misinformation. The statement aims to set the record straight and ensure that the public is informed about the network’s programming and compliance with regulatory obligations. But the the public and Jacob Zuma fans took to social media to raise questions about their dissatisfaction on these developments.

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