Go Beyond Your Limits

When you step out of your comfort zone, a new world opens up. Meet some of the people who decided to trust us!

"The Personal Trainer program made getting in the best shape of my life really fun. The recipes are tasty and easy to cook!"

Thumeka Mcobothi


"Quan has completely outdone himself with this digital advertising. Efficient ads, real ROI and more leads coming to my business!"

Zimkhitha Swelinkomo


"I was so excited to during my modeling journey! Having been featured on such a quality local newspaper has been great!"

Ntombie Zokuhle Flatela


"The issue of journalism being a public good. It’s sometimes confusing because on the one hand we’re saying people must pay for journalism &on the other everyone should be able to access it if they can pay or not."

Dr. Kate Skinner


"Local news has the power to change lives within communities. Big Tech should support small publishers Pondoland Times"

Christopher Mcinga


"I enjoy freelancing for Pondoland Times, I appreciate the support we get from each advertiser. At the end, as journalists we need to put food on the table"

Ongeziwe Ntondini


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